ThaMessage Podcast Season 1 – Episode 02 – Mike Meeker Part 1

1421 Interview with Mike Meeker

By Morgan Thorpe

Mike Meeker recently stopped by the ThaMessage in Huntington Beach, to talk about his journey to recovery and the upcoming documentary he produced, The Long Way Back.  In ThaMessage podcast, Meeker opens up about getting clean, relapsing, and using drugs and alcohol while working in the music industry.  “At 2-3 years clean, I was killing it.”  However, after a while, “I had lost touch with that spirituality….after five years of sobriety, I started getting back into the party,” says Meeker.

Meeker holds nothing back in his interview, as he takes the listener step by step through his interesting, and sometimes hilarious, story.  At the beginning of his career in the music industry, Meeker worked at Virgin Records.  After drinking several long island ice teas at the company Christmas party, Meeker tried to kiss the President of Virgin Records.  The next day, he came into work and didn’t remember the evening before.  His coworkers had to tell him what he had done.  This is just one of a plethora of stories he shared with ThaMessage.

Meeker met and worked with several heavy hitters in the music industry, including 50 Cent and Proof from D12.  While shooting the video for In the Club with 50 Cent, Meeker witnessed a standoff, which included weapons, between Suge Knight, the 13th Street Gang and 50 Cent.  “It was amazing and terrifying,” recalls Meeker, “All these things were coming to a boiling point.”

Meeker hit another bottom, became a father, and then decided to change his career to have a positive social impact.  “I had to pick wisely with where I spent my time and energy,” recalls Meeker.  “You have to remind yourself to be in gratitude – to me that’s key.”

Meeker’s latest project is a documentary he produced called The Long Way Back.  According to Rolling Stone, The Long Way Back, a new Sublime documentary, details how drug addiction ravaged the California ska-punk band after frontman Bradley Nowell’s 1996 death from a heroin overdose…The movie focuses on Nowell’s friend, Todd Zalkins’, slide into a 17-year opioid addiction, his eventual recovery and his quest to help Nowell’s son, Jakob Nowell, get clean after his own battles with drugs and alcohol.

Meeker’s advice for people who are still struggling with drugs and alcohol, “Ask for help, don’t give up. Be strong, for me, I had to surrender.”  As for sobriety, Meeker ends it on a positive note.  “We are here to connect, and to help people….And there is so much fun to be had (in sobriety)….it’s a fuckin’ blast.”

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